Introverts Unite!

So, I’m an introvert.. and I thought the blog was a pretty good place to chat about introversion, the misconceptions and the challenges but also the great bits too. I never used to identify specifically as an introvert, simply because I was always told that being an introvert just meant that you were ‘shy’ and ‘lacked confidence’ which I didn’t feel represented me. I’d always felt quite powerful, that I could do anything (probably largely because I grew up in the whole Spice Girls’ ‘Girl Power’ era – I owe you one cheers ladies). Although I’d always been quite a reserved character and definitely more of a listener in groups; I didn’t necessarily see it as shyness, more just assessing the situation and piping up with something worthwhile rather than feeling the need to comment on every little thing.

I stumbled upon ‘Quiet’, by Susan Cain and after reading I felt a sense of relief, as if finally introverts were not portrayed as weak or in some way inferior to the extrovert. It confirmed to me that there can be confident introverts and equally painfully shy extroverts. The differences between the two camps being where you get your energy, for extroverts that is being around people, for introverts -it’s being alone. You’ll often find extroverts needing to fill a large part of their time being around people; with us introverts we’re more likely to chill on our own after being sociable. Being alone is how we re-charge our energy, it’s that simple. I think one of the struggles for an introvert is not wanting to hurt other peoples feelings when we don’t want to hang out after a busy day at work or social event. It’s a tough balance, obviously I adore my friends and love spending time with them, but I also like to be alone sometimes too, and that’s OK. Find what works for you, also if you have been particularly sociable lately and need to recharge on your own, tell your friends that, it’s better than trying to come up with a lame excuse, I feel that’s the only way to get people to understand introversion more. Let’s talk about it ..quietly 🙂


Lotsa love

Happy HQ xxx

The Single Life

So, I recently found myself to be, err, suddenly single, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single in your early thirties (or ever), I wanted to come up with a list of positives for those of you in the same boat who might need a bit of a pick me up whilst watching Bridget Jones’s Baby for the third time in a week *cue tumbleweed*.


Number 1, for most decisions you need not consult a single person if you so wish. That’s quite empowering, need a new kettle? Of course you can get the baby blue one, want to stay up until 2am dancing around to Queen Bey in a t shirt and pants? Do it! Need to cook dinner? Of course you can have Super Noodles again! *Other brands are available*.


Number 2, you can put yourself first. Work on yourself, health, quality time, hobbies that you put off whilst in a relationship so to not be unavailable to that person. Whatever your heart wants, indulge.


Number 3, you can travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit. Travelling alone is actually pretty awesome. You meet so many people doing the same thing and it’s all one huge adventure. Highly recommend.


Number 4, you get closer to your friends. Although it shouldn’t happen, when you’re in a relationship you can lose that closeness with your besties. Use this moment to put the time in re nurturing those friendships and even when you are no longer single make sure you maintain them this time!


Number 5, you can start a blog and spread happiness around like god damn confetti 🙂


Hit me up with your reasons why the single life is the good life!


Lotsa love,

Happy HQ xx